Winner of the 2009 building competition

The winner of last year also won the prize this year. The winning team was from TU Delft.
Their bridge was the only one that did not break onder the havy test-load.
For safety reasons we stopped putting weigth on the brigde when they were the winner with more than 44 tons on it.

Also the prize for the most apealing design went to them. The artist in the jury Christiaan Luyckx found that this was the most attractive of the 6 tested designs.

The maximum prize money of € 30.000 will be paid to the winning team.
€ 20.000 of this will be spend on KNGF.
Komplettes Produktsortiment
Die Männer von Martens reden nicht nur über ein komplettes Produktsortiment.
Es ist mehr dann dass. So finden Sie bei ihnen u.a. Betonrohre, Kranwagen und Betriebsbodenplatte.
Neue Produkte ausdenken und über die Art und Weise existierende Produkte zu verbessern, ist ein Bestandteil der Unternehmenphilosophie von Martens. Hierdurch ist ein komplettes Sortiment von kwalitativ hochwertige Produkte entstanden die genau etwas anders ist. Kwalifizieren Sie sie einfach als wohl überlegt und schlau.
Prize for most creative enterprise
The Chamber of Commerce Southwest Netherlands has given Martens a prize for the most creative enterprise.

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First windturbine Windparc Martens

The first windturbine of Windparc Martens has been erected.
The three turbines each have a capacity of 2.5 MW.
Martens will use this green energy for our own consuption, the unused part will be delevired to the public network.
Because of the fact that generation ond consumption are located very near to each other the tranportation losses are minimized.
Martens on the Move
Each week Martens is host to groups of visitors so they can see in practice the way Martens runs the company.
Are you active in building then you can register for such a visit.
The programm starts at 13:00 and end at 17:00. If you want we can arrange a room where you can have a meeting before the afternoon program.
Martens Bauwettbewerb 2008

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